About Me

1614119_731337672778_679889358_oTravis Warren Cooper is an associate instructor and Ph.D. candidate in Religious Studies and Ph.D. student in Anthropology at Indiana University. Travis’s research and teaching interests include socio-cultural anthropology, religious studies, method and theory in the study of religion, ritual and ritualization, materiality, the body, social theory, media, gender and sexuality, emerging evangelicalism, embodiment and sensory experience, and ethnographic theory. His current research project focuses on the lived religion and everyday lives of emerging evangelical congregations in Midwest North America, and  narrows in on issues of identity, authority, and the increasing development of hyper-eclectic rituals and theologies.

Travis has taught, in different capacities, a number of Religious Studies courses ranging from “Religion in America” and “Sociology of Religion” to “Pleasure, Pain, and Peak Oil,” “Introduction to Buddhism,” “Sickness and Health,” and “Introduction to Religion.” His most recent courses include “Religion and Popular Culture” and “New Media and Digital Religion” and he’s currently designing courses titled “Religion, Ethics, and Public Life” and “Religion and Film in Global Perspective” for upcoming terms at Indiana University. He has published journal articles on Pentecostal religious experience and shifting evangelical onto-theologies of gender, with PentecoStudies and Religion & Gender journals, respectively, and has an article on televangelism, media, and healing out with Symposia: The Journal for the Department of the Study of Religion, University of Toronto. Most recently, an article on progressive evangelical boundary maintenance has been approved for publication with the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. Travis has presented work at the annual American Academy of Religion conference and across the continent at institutions including Harvard University, University of Toronto, University of California Santa Barbara, Indiana University — Bloomington, and the University of Chicago. For more on Travis’s work, see his CV.

This blog is essentially an informal extension of Travis’s academic work and other interests. You can reach Travis by email (travcoop@indiana.edu) or via the social networks:  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Academia.edu. Thanks for visiting!

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