Güeros: A Mini-Review

This 2015 film, by Alonso Ruizpalacios, is a study in soundscape and visual texture. The plot is nothing short of transfixing. Thomas is a pre-teen bored and in increasing trouble due to ennui-derived shenanigans he participates in. Thomas’s mother relocates him to Mexico City to live with his brother, who goes by Sombra  in order to hide the ironies of his given name, Federico. He’s a student-on-strike at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. The movie unfolds like a Roberto Bolaño novel captured in filmic form. Its characters, mostly students and disillusioned activists, meander around Mexico City in search of a reclusive artist. The characters are besought with love and tired of protesting. Ruizpalacios has given me everything I want in a filmgoing experience: mild escapism (i.e., the dreamy, cinamatic black-and-white) tempered with political awareness, complex characters, literary and poetic flourishes, absurdist asides, and complicated romantic triangles. I’m eagerly anticipating the next film by Ruizpalacios; until then, I’ll have Güeros on repeat.

[Score: A]


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